Break through the clutter

How do you want your consumers to think and feel about your brand? Distilling your brand’s essence from its point of differentiation and value proposition to its “personality and look and feel” is essential for if you want a clear and consistent image and message over time for your target audience.

LeapUp can help you develop a brand communications system which will reach across audiences and media to deliver solid business results. A clear communications template will also allow you to filter your ideas for growth and expansion so that you always know whether your product development and marketing ah ha’s are “brand-on” or “brand-off”. Partnering the winners with a focused messaging strategy, effective media mix recommendations, a content strategy and an editorial calendar and your marketing investments will be positioned for success.

–          Brand positioning statements and brand claims (messaging strategies)

–          Corporate identity development & logo systems

Which promotions… to what end?

Our aim at LeapUp is to make you a convert about the power of a great promotional plan. Many managers are skeptical of promotional plans because they are either too expensive, too hard to implement, too unmeasurable or not directly tied to their businesses realities. We have carefully assembled a network of specialists in different promotional areas, from online advertising and promotions to social media and events marketing, to ensure that your promotional roadmap results in increased revenue, increased customer awareness and loyalty and lower customer acquisition costs.

–          Media planning (search marketing, online advertising, social media advertising, links marketing)

–          Online advertising campaigns & promotions

–          Social media “voice” and advertising

–          Events marketing

–          Product merchandising strategies

–          Publicity stunts and media relations

–          Post-buy upsell and remarketing