Promotional Campaigns & Partner Co-Marketing


Our clients come to us in all different shapes and sizes, with very different promotional campaign needs. For e-commerce businesses, we have helped design a monthly and quarterly sales promotions designed to increase leads and sales conversions which are then complemented by upsell and remarketing campaigns. Professional service and technology clients often use content campaigns as fodder for links bait as well as for lead generation and client relationship building. And our adventure travel clients use seasonal promotions, early-birds, tie-in promotions and incentives and discounts to capture leads and generate repeat business from former clients and their networks.

Leapup has extensive experience designing promotional strategies and creating promotional campaigns to meet every client situation and – your budget. We’ve worked with some of the world’s leading brands on tie-in promotions, co-marketing a client’s brand with another more well-known brand as well as on stand-alone promotions targeted to smaller, specialized markets. We know how to build a media plan to ensure effective reach and how to create the messaging to break through the marketing, advertising and social clutter. Let’s have some fun and get promoting!