Website Planning, Development & Project Management


Developing an effective online presence is mandatory. Establishing a network of websites and blogs, a strong, engaging social media presence and authoritative links partners is more and more important, and more and more complex. For traffic, for search engine ranking position, for SEO value and for getting found (first) through whatever navigation path your audience takes – building a solid online strategy and homebase which you refresh on an ongoing basis – is the most important marketing investment you will ever make.

How do you plan your website’s development and design while ensuring that you deliver the best possible user experience for your site’s visitors? From helping you plan your sitemap and navigation, working with design/development teams on a new look and choosing and customizing site features, functionality and the right content management system, we’ve got you covered. We work in tandem with our development teams, collaborating about executional strategies which balance our marketing needs for SEO and messaging with design aesthetics. We project manage your site’s development from planning through to completion, bridging the gap between your ideas and our technical team’s expertise.

We help our clients go from a single point of reference online, to multiple strategic outposts – all carefully positioned to drive online reach and frequency across the world wide web. And we stay on top of the latest web-based applications, technical standards and security features to ensure you are scaled for growth and success in the future.

Leapup works with a host of website development experts with specialized expertise – from writing code, to customizing features and mobile responsive functionality. We prefer them to be equally proficient in design, code development and knowledge of SEO. We have high standards for our technical teams and they know this, and respect it.