Marketing Program Management & Ongoing Execution


Need an acting VP of Marketing? In addition to helping clients develop their marketing platform, systems and promotional plans, Leapup also offers a retainer-based “acting VP of Marketing” service to clients who need ongoing executional and management support. Many of our clients find this a valuable support in cases when they do not have the resources or the skillsets to manage their ongoing social media and content strategy efforts. Sometimes they are in the process of building a team. Othertimes they are in transition at the leadership level. Whatever the occasion, Leapup can quickly jump in and add value, later transitioning you back to in-house.

Marketing program management services include:

  • Marketing strategy, program development and management
  • Ongoing marketing consultation regarding opportunities offered up by third-parties
  • Editorial calendar development and maintenance
  • Blog writing and search engine optimization
  • Blog post syndication across social media
  • Promotional SEM and pay-per-click advertising campaign optimization
  • Social media advertising program management
  • Review of site metrics, marketing spend ROI and promotional program performance

Retainer rates are available upon request.