How We Work

Each of our clients comes to us with their own unique blend of target audiences, products, competitors, resources, history of marketing executions and business objectives.

Our goal at LeapUp is to quickly digest your business situation, then work with you to tailor your marketing plan to your current needs so we can start delivering results – immediately.

Our work emphasizes three founding principles which we are passionate about and incorporate in our practice:

Set Priorities


We learned a long time ago that focus is the secret sauce of many successful companies. We help companies, brands and teams prioritize an executable number of well-thought-through marketing deliverables which are tied to specific business performance objectives. LeapUp is committed to sharing with you the most relevant, up-to-date and cost-effective solutions to keep your business and your team – on the critical path. By staying focused around your specific customer reach, trial and retention objectives and fine-tuning strategies as your business needs evolve, LeapUp offers you affordable marketing solutions which put you at a consistent competitive advantage.


Work Smarter


Whether you are a startup in need of a launch campaign or a brand trying to manage the shift of your consumer base to new channels or a mature company trying to block competitive attempts to steal market share, only through working smarter will you most effectively leverage your marketing spend. We streamline your marketing plan to fit your level of resources (both people and budgets), helping to educate your team to make better decisions about when, where and how to invest in different marketing approaches.


Team Ownership


It’s not enough to be a team player. One of our goals at LeapUp is to leave your team “marketing empowered”. We know that the happiest clients are those that embrace change, learn and conclude projects with a deeper level of understanding about “what works and what doesn’t”. We measure our success in terms of your ability to integrate successful solutions on your own, with your own team, after our collaboration is completed.

We work “a-la-carte” so that you never overpay for our recommendations. We allow you to contract directly with our virtual team members so you have ultimate leverage getting your needs met, on time, on budget. We are the ultimate “un-agency”, over delivering for our clients every time. We don’t like overhead because we like to stay highly competitive.

Lastly, Leapup works with you and your budget. By the project, on retainer, by the hour, we can accommodate your fiscal realities. Tell us more about your needs and we can easily give you a complimentary quote for helping you and your team leap up the marketing learning curve.