In Their Own Words

“I first contacted Annie in 2010 regarding the redevelopment of as we were moving to a new technology platform which would greatly increase our service efficiency.  The first priority was to evaluate usability of the existing site and develop a branding strategy for our B2C business opportunities allowing us to aggressively market our Alaska travel services to a wider customer base.  Annie clearly understood the nature of our business model, as well as our destination, which greatly helped jump start our revised site design and the development of  our web marketing strategy.

After several years of continued traffic and sales growth we found ourselves falling behind in responsive web design and with the ever-increasing web analytical and advertising tools I reached out to Annie again in 2015.   Annie was quick to jump in an lead the redesign and development process bringing to the team Simon de la Salle.  We began the process of redeveloping on a new technology platform to meet the user demands in the ever-changing marketplace including a comprehensive content and SEO strategy.  All together, we successfully relaunched our site on October 2016 and have since seen significant increases in site visitors and sales.  Annie is a rock star in my book, and I would not hesitate to recommend LeapUp Marketing Solutions to anyone looking for personalized, profession expertise for any facet of web site development and digital marketing.”

Al Koch, President, All Alaska Tours 

The work Annie has done for Anna Marie Events more than doubled my business in one year, and it’s on trend to at least double again (possibly triple) this year. In fact, the investment in the marketing paid for itself within six weeks.  That’s something to celebrate!  The boost Annie’s efforts gave to my business have so far exceeded my expectations, I find myself touting the virtues of marketing to everyone I know.  It’s been an amazing experience working with her.  She is efficient, intelligent, very easy to work with, always on point and never wastes a precious second.   I cannot say enough positive things about her as a person and marketing professional.  Hire Annie now!”

Anna Rembold, Owner – Anna Marie Events


“I started working with Annie back in 2004 on a new brand messaging strategy and relaunch of the AdventureWomen site. What started as a two-day strategy workshop ended up in not just a new site but a long-term relationship as well as my learning all about the “fascinating” worlds of SEO, social media and e-marketing. Annie continues to keep me at the top of the search results despite an increasingly challenging competitive environment for womens’ adventure travel product. I am grateful to her for her expertise and boundless energy, and on top of all of this, she is a really fun person to work with! I highly recommend Annie!”

the late Susan Eckert, Founder of AdventureWomen



“In 2003, after the events of September 11, 2001, took their toll on travel and tourism, we at Alaska Wildland Adventures were forced to admit that our marketing plans were no longer working well and that we weren’t keeping up with new trends. I just happened to meet Annie Ellicott, principal of Leapup, at an adventure travel conference that year as she was starting her business and the timing was perfect! Her extensive education and experience in traditional marketing concepts as well as up to date knowledge of web based initiatives were a great fit for our needs. I was particularly impressed with her vast array of contacts and cohorts that could instantly be mobilized to serve us in a timely fashion.

Annie helped us totally re-examine our marketing approaches, develop new tactics, and refresh components that seemed to be working well. With both her direct help and her coaching of our staff and subcontractors, we were able to launch an entirely new trip catalog and coordinated website based upon the strategies that we developed together under her leadership. Our sales improved immediately and Annie has been our “Marketing Mentor” for continued marketing guidance and special projects ever since. (As an important side note: it’s great FUN to work with Annie . . . she gets things done, keeps you on task, and we all enjoy the process!)”

Kirk Hoessle, President, Alaska Wildland Adventures



“The Alaska Wilderness Recreation & Tourism Association (AWRTA) is a member-led nonprofit tourism association that promotes responsible tourism and the protection of Alaska’s natural and cultural resources.  AWRTA has been Alaska’s voice for progressive tourism for decades, but back in 2009, during the height of the recession, we found ourselves struggling to compete against other associations that were more effectively marketing their products.  Enter LeapUp Marketing Solutions.

After soliciting bids from a number of other consultants, AWRTA retained Annie to build a new online portal for Alaska visitors who are seeking a wilderness experience and care about environmental sustainability.  In particular, we wanted a site that would promote and merchandise products which appeal to independent travelers, promote the value of sustainable tourism, increase membership in AWRTA, and raise revenues.

LeapUp did a wonderful job.  Annie was skilled, professional, cheerful, and patient.  She was very organized and managed—against all odds—to convene regular meetings of the board to make decisions concerning structure and functionality, approve design, provide content, and generally keep us happy and on schedule.  The final product was everything we had hoped for and the envy of organizations that paid ten times the amount for new websites.

I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Annie and LeapUp.  AWRTA is a typical nonprofit, operating on a limited budget.  Value is important to us and we felt we got great value working with LeapUp.  We were also very impressed with Annie’s follow-up after the new site was launched.  Annie tirelessly answered questions, helped with technical issues, and even gave PowerPoint presentations to the board and AWRTA membership.

The bottom line is that Annie’s great.  I would certainly use LeapUp again if I need a new or revised website and may not even bother soliciting competing bids!”

Tony Turrini, Senior Counsel at the National Wildlife Federation and former Board member at the Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association.