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Build A Strategy

Do your homework. Create a distinct identity and voice. Choose your competitive position. Define your priorities. Leapup helps clients conduct the right market research, build strategic roadmaps and create the brand elements which will define your future.

Lay A Foundation

Define your brand’s key messages. Construct a communications platform. Build an online engine. Leapup works with you to drive consistency and relevancy, from visual presentation to messaging to brand proof points. Choosing the right marketing vehicles and targeting strategy make all the difference.

Execute Flawlessly

Allocate investment dollars. Do a gap analysis, then “skill up”. Choose your marketing channels from advertising to social media and SEO to PR. Then start campaigning and leverage your platform. Leapup works with your team to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and business results.

Measure ROI

Track it. Measure it. Analyze it. Rinse. Repeat. Set up your KPIs and metrics to make actionable decisions around marketing which deliver ROI. Leapup stays on top of the latest solutions for monitoring and measurement, so you don’t have to.

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