Brand Differentiation Strategies & Product Launches


We often wonder what others define as the expertise of a “brand strategy consultant”. Here’s the Leapup definition: we help you define what is valuable about your brand to your customers and how you can capitalize on this with prospective customers. It’s really that simple.

We help brands crystallize their brand positioning statements, defining what truly sets them apart from their competitors in the minds of their current customers. We use this insight to drive all elements of the marketing message – delivering a brand’s essence and differentiation to prospective consumers. A simple statement but with meaning and value. From market research to the development of messaging, promotional and content strategies, it’s all part of the design and the execution of a solid brand strategy.

Sometimes we work to reposition brands to go after new customer markets, post-merger or due to a change in their business model or distribution strategy. We help launch new brands and new product lines for existing brands. We love it! We often facilitate and drive 1-2 day strategy offsites with our clients to refresh their brand strategies on an ongoing basis. And we always, as a combined client-Leapup team, come up with fresh new ideas for future growth.