Market Research


These days, it’s dangerous to assume anything about what your customers are thinking and feeling about your product. Why would you when you can conduct online market research, from focus groups to usability studies to surveys to polls, online, affordably and quickly?

Do you know what your customer’s pain points are? What motivates them most? What incentives they respond to better? Can you map their journey with your brand and products? Do you know who they define as your competitors?

At Leapup, we believe in the power of knowledge and so we always encourage our clients to ask the consumer before setting their marketing sails. You will save money in the end. You will sleep easier. You will get better business results. Leapup is happy to point you to the tools and online solutions which make market research part of your marketing toolkit. We’re proud to have renamed companies and products, segmented audiences, repositioned and remessaged brands and rebuilt content strategies…all with the help of a little, but critical, market research.