Search Engine Optimization


Despite prevailing rumors from the land of social media…search engine optimization is not dead. SEO remains one of the most efficient, cost-effective tools available for businesses to get found on the web.  The latest SEO challenges? Consumers aren’t traveling past the first page of search results. And SEO has changed dramatically in the past few years as Google and other search engines update their algorithms integrating social into the equation, broaden the types and formats of content they index and change the ways content is indexed and tagged.

Good SEO is both a science and an art. Leapup stays on top of the trends in organic search engine optimization and paid search marketing – so you don’t have to. It’s that simple. We know that SEO is highly technical, often involving how sites are designed, code is structured, architecture and navigation is built and how inbound links are integrated with specific page content. Are you using structured markup? Html 5? Are you mobile responsive? From keyword research to content strategies, site design and on-page SEO to off-page SEO and links marketing, on the SEO front, we’ve got you covered.