Join the Conversation

Participation in social media is not optional. Whether its staying on top of competitor conversations, tracking your brand’s reputation, listening for new customer-centric trends, influencing your search engine ranking for relevant keywords via social, infiltrating your customers networks with new news or gathering reviews to gain influence…you gotta play in this game. And you gotta play by the right rules. In the right places.

At Leapup, we believe social networks need to stay social so we don’t just “plug and play” traditional marketing messages into these evolving online communities. There’s an art to this and we can help you navigate, interact and learn from this new social web and networked world. How you post vs advertise matters. Which platform for which language and voice. Reposting and remarketing.

Social platforms and communication technologies are creating new paradigms on the web and changing consumer behavior – and it’s very, very exciting.