Content Strategies & Social Media Marketing


How many social networks does it take for you to …be overwhelmed? It seems (being in San Francisco at least) like there’s a social media solution born every minute. Maybe four. How do you decide which ones are worth investing time in from a business standpoint? How is this landscape changing and how do you message (or should you message) within it? Should you be blogging? And how do you do that exactly? What about e-marketing?

Leapup sees content marketing and the prevalence of social media networks as a shift to a new paradigm to “inbound” vs “outbound” marketing, a world where the consumer does the choosing about which content they consume, why they consume it, and when they consume it. Welcome to the world of “on demand”. This new sandbox requires different ways of behaving from a marketing standpoint, new customer-ready reactions, new business processes and policies. Leapup can help prepare your team to go with this flow.

Social networks are highly transparent, immediate and can sometimes be – unpredictable. But…for strong brands, social media can become the unsung hero and a sales force of your dreams. Your consumers have just joined your brand team. Leapup can show you how to leverage these new environments and the brand equity you have built with your clients. Now you can tap into this and allow your most precious assets, your customers, to help share their conversations, ideas, comments, reviews – to your benefit. Jump in. It’s a whole new world.