Repositioning A Brand: Professional Services

Lucy McAllister is a prominent attorney practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area in the areas of criminal law, licensing law and family law. In the Fall of 2016, Attorney McAllister approached LeapUp to help the firm reposition and transition the firm’s law practice to focus exclusively on licensing law and cross-over criminal-licensing case work. To date, the firm had primarily focused on a criminal law practice. Licensing law protects professionals who are under investigation by licensing boards as the result of a complaint or due to a criminal accusation or conviction. Licensing law extends across dozens of categories of professionals from physicians and nurses and dentists to teachers, auto dealers and accountants.

The Challenge

The Law Office of Lucy McAllister wanted to strengthen their dominance within the statewide market for leads and new clients seeking licensing defense work. Since these referrals are episodic (e.g. clients do not seek the services of a lawyer until they are already in trouble with their licensing boards) and also regional/local in nature, the firm needed a comprehensive marketing plan which was designed to address these unique requirements.

LeapUp Leaps In

Leapup was hired to:

  • Develop a new more professional logo for the firm strengthening the impact of the brand
  • Craft a new messaging strategy highlighting the licensing core offering and the capabilities inherent in the Law Office’s years of experience in case law and jury trials
  • Develop a new promotional video showcasing Lucy McAllister and her firm’s licensing law practice areas and client testimonials
  • Expand content on the firm’s four existing websites to reposition the Law Office’s brand toward licensing cases and hybrid criminal-licensing cases
  • Search optimize all content on the existing sites
  • Leverage the awards won by the firm and third-party endorsements
  • Expand blog content for SEO purposes and for thought leadership
  • Launch SEM paid search advertising campaigns in key professional categories to capture episodic “search for a lawyer” on-demand traffic
  • Add an automated review engine to solicit client reviews once cases concluded and syndicate these across online platforms (Google, AVVO,, etc.)
  • Expand and leverage social media networks

LeapUp’s Leverage

Since the implementation of the new marketing strategies for McAllister Law:

  • Total caseload at the firm increased by 55%.
  • Traffic to the licensing law website has more than doubled.
  • Organic traffic is +109 %.
  • Direct traffic is +115%.



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August 6, 2012