By Annie Ellicott

Everyone recognizes the increasing influence of video in our lives. We have all become avid consumers as YouTube, Vimeo and other platforms for sharing have grown, new formats have evolved (e.g 6 second videos on Vine), video advertising has exploded and commercial marketing applications (think virtual video tours of destinations, hotels, houses for sale) continue to proliferate.

According to ComScore, in March 2013, Google Sites, driven primarily by video viewing at, ranked as the top online video content property with 153.9mm unique viewers, followed by Facebook (63.8mm) , VEVO with 52mm, Yahoo! Sites (50.3mm) and Viacom Digital (43.8mm).

My experience at Disney taught me the power of storytelling. Stories are the most successful way you can communicate the value of your brand or product. We already know film and television are great storytelling formats. Video is simply a short format version of these. With visuals and sound and immediate access to real-world “up close and personal” vignettes, you can tell a brand or product story faster and better with video than with any other media. 

Especially with products which are highly intangible and experiential, video is a huge opportunity for showcasing the benefits of engaging with your brand.  Using videos to showcase customer testimonials, introductions from your CEO, demo your product or service in action and provide interviews with your key employees will bring your brand to life for your prospects like nothing else.

Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D., the “Brain Lady” has a great video about the four reasons why video is so compelling and persuasive:

  1. The Fusiform Facial area of the brain makes us pay attention to faces and is also connected to emotional areas in the brain.
  2. Voice (audio) conveys rich information, tone, speed and emphasis matter.
  3. Emotions are contagious. And video communicates feelings and passion better than any other medium. So video is more likely to be shared than other mediums.
  4. Movement grabs attention. Dynamic, changing motion is much more likely to keep you engaged and listening to the message.

So… if you haven’t make video a priority in your marketing mix, it’s time you did. Buy a GoPro camera or just use your iphone. It doesn’t matter. Tell your story in a video which will make it SHINE.

Listen to one of my clients tell her brand story here: