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Today, we need to evolve as marketeers with this new world and shift our perspective towards “inbound marketing” where we pull customers to us rather push information to them. Consumers today aren’t interested in what you want to tell them, they are interested in what they want, when they want to consume it.

In this new social world, your customer now has the knowledge and the networks necessary to get what they want and formulate their opinions – without  your sales team’s help. They have control. They call the shots. Now your target audience finds you, you don’t find them. So you need to become a magnet for their attention and affinity.

Even a company’s website is no longer “command central” as consumers seek information and form their opinions off of websites and on review sites, social networks, via searches and via content aggregators and blogs. And if your site is still static…why would a consumer be interested in reading flat content when they can hang out in a Google+ hangout, retweet a product review or comment on a Facebook post?

So how do you go about creating new relationships with this “connected consumer” who is more and more visual, mobile-centric and real time? How do you become that customer magnet and more engaging and interactive as a brand?

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