Once the new smartphones got really smart and their technology improved to provide superior display of browser-based content, it seemed like the pressure to create mobile sites eased a bit. But did it? Not really.

Now that nearly half of all mobile web users ages 18-29 do the majority of their online browsing (to say nothing about shopping) on their phones, building a mobile site couldn’t be more a more important priority regardless of what business you are in. And the usability issue (still #1 in importance for all online content based on user feedback) is even more important on mobile devices from smart phones to tablets than on personal computers.

Here’s some of the mobile adoption trends we’re watching and four reasons why waiting to get mobile, is a BAD idea:

  1. Your site is now your main face to the consumer and by 2014, mobile phones are projected to overtake personal computers as the device most used to access the web, worldwide.
  2. The behavioral tie of consumers to using their phones as “command central” is increasing as brands flood the market with mobile apps and Google battles it out with Apple and as purchases of smart phones overshadow purchasing of non-smart phones and more consumers cross-buy smart phones and tablets.
    1. According to the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, in April 2012, 53% of cell-phone owners ages 45-54 and 30% of those ages 55-64 went online via their phones to browse or check their email.
  3. Mobile phones’ high level of accessibility and convenience enables everyone to be 24/7 so meeting the consumer where he or she is, isn’t optional anymore.
  4. Mobile is increasingly social. Camera sales are down, smartphone sales are up. More consumers are accessing the web and social networks via their phones vs PC’s. The phone is the device they turn to first in the morning. Why? To check email and facebook.

So what’s a business owner to do? At a minimum, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. David Jackson wrote a great post on 7 tips for making your site mobile compatible:

1. Make sure your site loads quickly.

2. Avoid flash or provide an html version as well.

3. Use clean navigation.

4. Use HTML phone numbers (click to call).

5. Avoid horizontal scrolling.

6. Use images sparingly, compress.

7. Voice Search. Pay attention to it.

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