Messaging strategies – Marketing communications

Breaking through the clutter in a world of information overload and message “overdrive” requires two things – a highly relevant and compelling message and a very targeted media plan. Whether offline or online, these two elements make or break most brand messaging platforms and promotional campaigns. Leapup can help you tailor your message specifically for your audience, with strong editorial depth and breadth as well as creativity, then help distribute your messages to the venues where your target market hangs out.

Getting the attention of the media today – is no piece of cake either. Their world has completely changed over the past 5 years with traditional media landscapes torn apart, the expansion of the blogosphere and the shift to digital – everything. No wonder they were one of the first groups to embrace Twitter. Leapup can help you identify what of your content is actually news and how to position this and pitch this to your media targets. Working with the best public relations experts in the field, vetted by us for their coverage areas, depth and experience, we can help you with new product launches, new partnership announcements, research, trend and event news or even damage control when things go awry. Don’t go it alone when you can get seasoned professional help to reach the media the way they prefer to be approached.