Toot the right horn

Www is where it’s at. Consumers are using the web, review sites, blogs, search and social media to find you, research your products and consumer opinion and compare alternatives before they make purchase decisions. Positioning yourself correctly across the web (not just on your website), linking yourself from the right sites and syndicating the right message, consistently,  is critical for you to ensure that you are maximizing reach and influence with your target markets.

Leapup can help show you how to plan and execute a powerful online network of relationships with your consumers and online partners so that through interactivity, community, conversations and targeted (and tagged) communications, you create a level of brand loyalty which will stand the test of time and surpass your competitors’.

–          Online market research

–          Site design and SEO planning

–          Sitemap and functionality roadmaps and wireframes

–          Requests for proposals/vendor sourcing

–          Site relaunch project management

–          Search optimization and links marketing

–          Social media outpost development

–          Content strategies

–          Editorial calendars (blog/social media posting, e-marketing, PR, events)

Partnerships can help.

These days, it’s harder and harder to “go it alone”. Often companies find they are constantly besieged by offers from referral sources, suppliers, and sometimes even competitors to form some sort of affiliate relationship but aren’t sure how or whether to move in this direction.

LeapUp can help you determine who should be on your short-list of partners and what types of relationships will result in positive and real changes to your competitive position and financial forecast from accessing new points of distribution and consumer segments.

–          Distribution strategies and channel planning

–          Partnership negotiations (co-marketed promotions)

–          Sponsorship marketing

–          ROI tracking and performance analysis

Measuring results. The $100 question…answered. Which horn is the BEST one?

Defining the payoff from your marketing campaigns is one of the most important parts of creating effective marketing solutions. Your decision about how you will judge the efficacy of your plan in meeting your objectives is fundamental to building your path to success. Today, performance is based on “return on attention” not just return on investment. Consumer’s time is the new currency. LeapUp stays on top of the latest tools and techniques to track return on attention and return on investment so that you know what worked, what didn’t and why so together we can continue to improve your plan and your business results.